A Tribute To Go To!

My feet have recovered quite a bit, thankfully. Sure, shopping is good for the soul but not for the purse as I found out when my bank statement came in. In February I spent much more than I should have done and as a consequence, I have had to pull back the reins a little bit when it comes to spending and enjoying myself.

But it’s now March, my wages have gone into my bank accounts and I can go and enjoy myself a little bit more.

About time.

I’ve got a party to go to this weekend and am really looking forward to it. It is a tribute band and have got extremely good reviews from everywhere they’ve played.

What do I need to go there? Well, not much really. Look in my wardrobe and you find a lot of clothes and look in my jewellery box to see just how many beautiful things I have got in there. But what does that matter? Sometimes it’s good for the soul to go out shopping and buy yourself a little treat every now and again. I work hard and I feel that I deserve to have this type of treat.

Clothes shopping was good. I found a gorgeous skirt and top which would just be perfect and thinking about it, I decided that a piece of Amber jewellery would set it off perfectly.

None of the local stores around me stock Amber jewellery so I had to go for a little bit further afield to find some. With a further afield I actually mean the Internet. Google’s my friend and within a few keystrokes are found a place that was absolutely ideal for all I wanted. Browsing around found this fantastic necklace which have put the picture on here and have ordered it. It should be with me in a day or so and I look forward to wearing it when I go out on Saturday.

Thanks Amber zone it’s appreciated!

A Shopping Day is Sunday

Sunday was a lovely day for me - I went to London with a group of friends and we had a great time.  We went to Oxford Street and in loads of shops and spent most of the day just trying on clothes.

And the shoes.

I just loved looking and trying on all the shoes!

And can we say shopping and shoes without mentioning handbags?

I’m such a stereotype!

Halfway through the day we found a lovely little Italian restaurant which, while quite expensive, was worth it for the atmosphere and the chat friendly surroundings.

After all the running about all day, it was almost a relief to get home.  I closed the door, kicked off my shoes and sighed with pleasure when the blood started getting back to my toes!

After slobbing and watching TV for a while, Rosie came around and we had a bit of a chat.  She had a quiet day, she was saying.  Just staying at home and did a bit of shopping herself - online she went to some shops and even bought some jewellery for her daughter from the comfort of her sofa.

While I can appreciate the convenience of shopping over the internet, I think back to the fun and laughs we were having and to be honest…real world shopping is just more enjoyable!

But it kills my feet :)


What and Who Is Gondolin Maid?

Well, Gondolin is a fictional Elven city from the works of JRR Tolkien and if it was a perfect world, would have been a perfect place to live.  Unless you were an orc or troll, I suppose.

In any roads, my love of The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbie and The Silmarillion has brought me to take on the nickname Gondolin Maid.

I must admit that now I have chosen the blogs name, I’m wondering if I’ve made a mistake and perhaps chosen to call it “Gerties Words” or some such.  Anyway, it’s done now so I, kind people, am now going to be known here as Gondolin Maid!

Another question you may be asking, kind reader, is what on earth is this blog about?


Dunno.  But I just wanted a place to put down my thoughts.  I considered Facebook but wanted to be a bit more anonymous.  Twitter I just don’t get - how can you write anything decent in 140 characters?  It’s just “I’m eating a biscuit and drinking a coffee”.  So here I am and I hope that we can have a bit of fun with the posts that I write.  Want to have a chat?  I’d love that!  Send me a message and we can have a word (or 140 chars).

All the best and bye


What is a Gondolin Maid? Well, she is someone who loves beautiful things and likes to share with people who do, too. Check us out and have a look - tell me what you enjoy!

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